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Exit Interviews Made Simple: Key Questions to Ask Your Departing Employees [+ PDF download]

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Exit Interviews Unveiled: Key Questions for Insights [+ PDF download] by LeAnne Lagasse

Even with all the tools we may have to drive employee engagement and retention, employees moving on from your company is inevitable. 

As leaders, we all face this moment: your employee has decided to move on from your company. 🥲 

Does the thought bring up any uneasy feelings? If so, that's understandable! Losing an employee can mean disruption, can be costly, and may come out of the blue. 

While turnover may be something we cannot completely avoid, what we can do is learn how to avoid high levels of unwanted turnover.

Here's where the Exit Interview steps in. 🚶🏻‍♂️ 

How can the Exit Interview help with retention?

The Exit Interview can:

  • give the organization insight into employees' overall experience.
  • help identify recurring trends, which can help to pinpoint systemic problems. 
  • help build out more employee retention strategies. 
  • enhance the decision-making process as it becomes more informed. 

A well-thought-out Exit Interview should cover the entire employee journey- mapping their experience from as early recruitment allllll the way to offboarding. In other words, it captures the entire picture.  The more we understand the employee journey, the more information we have to build out a path for retention. 

Here's where you can start📍 Exit Interview Questions Download:

You can download the pdf guide: right here.  👈

This is a great way to understand more about your employee's journey and continue to lead them in meaningful ways. 💛

And while we may not love that exit interviews are necessary, we CAN make sure we facilitate them well. 

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