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The Individual Development Plan

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How to Use An IDP to Encourage Growth In Your Employees 

One of my favorite custom resources is the Individual Development Plan (IDP) because of how it can support the growth and development of your employees. 


For the leaders that are invested in empowering your employees in their growth, I created this IDP template for you. 💛

It sends the message to your employees that not only are you invested but that you deeply value the future of your employees. It says, we care about your growth, development, and career trajectory. 🌟

So, let's get into it! 

What is an Individual Development Plan (IDP)? 

An Individual Development Plan is a tool used to equip and empower employees to reach short and long-term career goals. While it’s designed to support the growth and development of the employee, it should not be used as a performance evaluation tool. Rather, the IDP is focused on the employee’s career aspirations, his/her strengths, and his/her longterm learning and development needs. IDPs are co-created by the manager and the employee and should be reviewed regularly by both parties. 

Why should we use an IDP? 

Because workplace expectations have shifted. According to Gallup's recent State of the American Workplace report, employees are looking for more than just a paycheck and an annual performance review, and they aren’t satisfied with a boss who simply manages their work progress. On the contrary, they crave an authentic mentoring relationship with their leaders. This is especially true of Millennial employees, who rank “opportunities to learn and grow” as one of the top three factors influencing their retention. Exceptional leaders make it their aim to identify, cultivate and champion the long-term professional goals of their team members. They stay intellectually curious about their employees and consider themselves mentors, not out of selfish gain, but because they want to leave a lasting legacy of investment in their people. They don’t just manage; they coach.

How do we create an IDP?

Here are the steps (Don't worry, we'll dive deeper into each step in the IDP template 🤿):

  1. Schedule an IDP meeting with your team member.
  2. Discuss growth and development needs.
  3. Set goals and target dates.
  4. Identify specific plans to reach goals.
  5. Finalize the IDP.
  6. Implement the IDP.
  7. Continue ongoing coaching conversations.

Well, here it is: The IDP Template Download. 

Click here to download it! 

I hope it starts encouraging conversations with your employees as you come alongside them in their growth journey. May we continue to be leaders that empower growth every step of the way! 💪


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