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Guiding Questions for Employee Mapping Journey [+ PDF cheat sheet]

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Guiding Questions for Employee Mapping Journey [+ PDF cheat sheet] by LeAnne Lagasse

Leaders, how are you engaging your team members in meaningful ways throughout their employee journey?

According to the Gallup Organization, 1 in 2 U.S. employees are open to leaving their organization. 50% employees are watching for or actively seeking a new job. That's a scary high percentage. 😬

More than ever, it is so important that we are building an employee listening strategy for better retention, engagement, and overall workplace health. Employee Journey Mapping is a powerful way to do that. ✨

What is Employee Journey Mapping?

The process of Employee Journey Mapping gives leaders a way to understand the different stages of an employee's experience within the company. The more we understand the journey, we can better provide solutions, insight, and guidance to each stage. 🤗

The process can:

  • align the organization on a common view of the actual employee experience.
  • focus the EX program on moments that matter most.
  • facilitate employee centric thinking and actions.
  • help prioritize resources and funding.
  • clarify critical roles within the organization and moments that matter most. 

Here's what you came for: Guiding Questions for Employee Journey Mapping

You can download the pdf guide: right here. 👈

It has questions to guide you through the entire employee journey from attraction phase, to performing phase, to departing phase and more.

I hope it helps you to get curious about your employee's journey and helps to equip you to guide them through their journey in a meaningful way. 

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