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Why Leaders Shouldn't Ignore the Power of Praise and Recognition 🏆

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In my time leading workshops and trainings throughout the years, I've encountered a curious pattern. 🧐

Whenever the topic of praise and recognition comes up, I notice a shift in the room. Some leaders tense up or lose interest- and I wondered- what's behind the resistance?
One situation that struck me, in particular, was a time when I brought up the topic of implementing rhythms of praise and recognition in a workshop. A leader in the room turned very defensive and became visibly upset that I would suggest such a thing. 😤  But when I started to get curious about his response, what I discovered resulted from a little comment he said: "Well, I never received that." 
At that moment, it occurred to me that there are many leaders out there who have climbed the ladder to the director or executive level while working hard in environments that didn't have regular rhythms of communication and recognition. It was a lightbulb moment💡 I could see why leaders who didn't receive praise themselves might wonder why they should bother giving it out, or why they would feel frustrated about the expectation.

Changing Mindsets 

I know that changing deep-seated workplace norms is a daunting task that takes time, patience, and a shift in perspective. But I truly believe that leaders can grow to see that even if their own experiences were lacking in that positive, authentic recognition, they have the opportunity -- and perhaps the responsibility -- to create a new type of environment for their teams. Because it's clear, these types of regular rhythms can absolutely move the needle in our organizations. 💛

The Power of Authentic Recognition

The science is clear: Human beings need genuine recognition, where we meaningfully connect the work that people do to bigger outcomes. And I'm not just talking about participation trophies. 🏆 Authentic recognition is the way towards higher employee engagement and morale.
Leaders – we are in a unique position to profoundly influence our organizations. By embracing and leading the way in giving genuine praise and recognition to our team members, we can significantly impact their satisfaction, engagement, and motivation in the workplace. 
And to the leaders who have not received meaningful praise in your own careers, I see you. But even so, it's time to recognize that this is how we can powerfully shift the narrative and contribute to our organizations' culture and success. 



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